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I have always loved designing, building, reverse engineering anything I can get my hands on! This is what lead me to work in the IT industry, which let's me do what I love on a daily basis.

My girlfriend, Emma is passionate and enthusiastic; her energy is what I love about her! She is currently aspiring to be a physician and will be applying for medical school this next year. While I tend to be the methodical planner, she is the spontaneous adventurer. While we are different, we complement each other's strengths and have grown a lot by learning from each other.

My hero is my dad, who has taught me most of the practical knowledge I have. My dad has been a landlord, fire chief, run a hobby farm, concrete finishing business, and a hardware store. Helping my dad with these many roles has given me a lot of perspective and appreciation of what goes on in many jobs.

Now I'm ready to venture into the rental world on my own, and after living in the Minneapolis area for nearly 10 years, I feel like this city has become my new home.