Dynamic Pre-Approval That Benefits Sellers

MyPreApprovalNotice.com (MyPAN) is the first of its kind dynamic pre-approval notice system that benefits you as a seller. It is the only system to offer transparency to the pre-approval process in real time and on demand. The traditional pre-approval letter cannot dynamically update pre-approval information and communicate transparency to the sellers as to the methods used to issue a buyer’s pre-approval. As a seller you will have more information to as to what went into the pre-approval so you can be more confident in the pre-approval’s validity.  You will have access to the buyer’s pre-approval information and lender questionnaire anytime you want, including on nights, weekends, and holidays.  myPAN has been designed to improve a loan officer’s processes, improve the pre-approval methods, and reduce human error both up front and when analyzing a specific transaction to see if it qualifies for a pre-approval.  This will result in better quality of pre-approvals as an industry.

List of Seller Benefits
  •  Get more buyer transparency in the pre-approval
  •  More info to choose the deal most likely to close in multiple offer situations
  •  Better quality pre-approvals due to the transparency
  •  Better quality pre-approvals due to our required checklists & lender questionnaire
  •  Better quality pre-approvals that are transaction specific to payment not price
  •  Increased buyer, seller, realtor, and loan officer communication