MyPAN is the first of its kind dynamic pre­approval notice (MyPAN) is the first of its kind dynamic pre­approval notice system that benefits buyers. It is the only system to offer transparency to the pre­approval process in real time and on demand. The traditional pre­approval letter cannot dynamically update pre-approval information and communicate transparency to the sellers as to the methods used to issue a buyer’s pre­approval.

As a buyer you will have the control to issue a pre­approval notice on demand 24 hours a day. This will save you time when in a multiple offer situation. myPAN also allows you to offer transparency in how their pre­approval was created with a first of its kind system that shows the seller the pre­approval data that you chose to show the sellers. This can help you get a leg up on other buyers in a multiple and when not in a multiple offer you can provide less information. It’s all up to you. myPAN has been designed to improve a loan officer’s processes, improve the pre­approval methods, and reduce human error both up front and when analyzing a specific transaction to see if it qualifies for a pre­approval. This will result in better quality of pre-approvals as an industry, and a transaction specific pre­approval that you can have more confidence will close.

Since our system is transaction specific and works based on your maximum payment and not an estimated maximum purchase price you will be able to offer with confidence that the offer you make meets your eligibility criteria. And, if you ever make an offer that exceeds your maximum payment myPAN will tell you the maximum price you can offer on that property based on how the taxes, homeowners association dues, and any other property specific costs. This is something that can be a challenge for a loan officer to analyze after hours on nights, weekends, and holidays.

Lastly, we have a network of national vendors that we have pre­negotiated high value deals to save you money on your home purchase and move at the exact time you need them. Save money on yard equipment, moving costs, insurance, security systems, lawn mowers, snow blowers, and get a high value gift certificate from a major home remodel retailer all courtesy of your loan officer.

List of Buyer Benefits
  • No waiting on an LO for a pre­approval letter
  • Win more competitive offers due to the transparency
  • · Learn maximum price you can offer when you are at your max range
  • Better quality pre­approvals due to the transparency
  • Better quality pre­approvals due to our required checklists & lender questionnaire
  • Better quality pre­approvals that are transaction specific to payment not price
  • You & your Realtor ® are messaged when the seller views the pre­approval notice
  • Increased buyer, seller, realtor, and loan officer communication
  • You control the process and the information that is shared with the sellers

How it works

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