Dynamic Pre-Approval That Benefits Loan Officer

MyPreApprovalNotice.com (MyPAN) is the first of its kind dynamic pre-approval notice system that is made for loan officers but benefits everyone in the transaction. It is the only system to offer transparency to the pre-approval process in real time and on demand. The traditional pre-approval letter cannot dynamically update pre-approval information and communicate transparency to the sellers as to the methods used to issue a buyer’s pre-approval. Even more exciting myPAN frees loan officers from interruptions and distractions that rob them of their precious time to market during the work week and enjoy their free time one nights, weekends, and holidays.  myPAN has been designed to improve a loan officer’s processes, improve your pre-approval methods, and reduce human error both up front and when analyzing a specific transaction to see if it qualifies for a pre-approval.  Lastly, myPAN has teamed up with national vendors to offer your clients high value deals on services they need at the specific time they need it.  We do this in your name and you save your clients money on the moving and real estate transfer related services they need.

List of LO Benefits
  • Save Time
  • Stop Interrupting phone calls
  • Make More Money
  • Improve your processes
  • Reduce human error
  • Help your buyers Win more multiple offers due to the transparency
  • Better quality pre-approvals due to the transparency
  • Better quality pre-approvals due to our required checklists & lender questionnaire
  • Better quality pre-approvals that are transaction specific to payment not price
  • You, the buyer & their Realtor ® are messaged when the seller views the pre-approval notice
  • Increase buyer, seller, realtor, and loan officer communication
  • Provide high value offers to your borrowers through timely and targeted vendor deals at the moment the user needs the service
  • Enjoy your time off, without interruption