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I'm skilled with tools and project management as I've been working closely with my dad ever since I could crawl and drag a hammer around his various work sites. I've also had the unique opportunity to learn a broad skill set and good work ethic from the variety of businesses that I've helped my dad with over the years including property rehab/management, farmer's coop, hardware store, and concrete finishing.

In my adult life, I have focused on building a stable career out of my passion for computers and I am currently head of operations at Tech Guru, a managed service provider in Minneapolis. Since achieving my career goals I have now invested in residential rentals which is another area of passion for me.

I purchased my first two units in 2018, rehabbed the units, and I currently manage both personally. I'm looking to add another property to manage this year and with my past experience, I am well prepared and equipped for the buying process, any needed rehab, and management of the property.